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Men's Caps: are sized about the same as the standard disposable cap worn in the OR, and are meant to fit a wide variety of head sizes.   They are approximately 23 inches in circumference when the ties are completely pulled together.  

The Fold-Up Cuffed Cap measures approximately 5 inches from top to bottom and is meant to be folded up in the front and on the sides to provide a custom fit.  The Un-Cuffed Cap measures approximately 4 inches from to top bottom. The Unlined Cap is approx. 23 inches in circumference and about 4 inches tall.

The cap will fit a  larger than average head, but if you would like a larger or smaller cap, please email us.  

 Women's Caps: Bouffant Caps are adjustable using elastic and a cord-lock.  This allows a perfect fit.  Pixie hats are adjustable from 20 to 24 inches with a ribbon or elastic with cord-lock. Ponytail hats are adjustable using a  ribbon tie.

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