Product Info

If you do not see a style you want in a certain fabric, please ask.

I can frequently make more hats than we show in inventory. Just email me with your requirements. 

I do my very best to match the tie colors with the hat colors.  At times, I will not have your chosen color, so I will place the next best color of ties on the hat. 

There are instances when I get a lot of orders for a particular hat and I run out of fabric for that hat. I do my best to keep fabric in stock, but I may ask you to choose a different fabric, to wait until I get more in, or you can always get a full refund.  

All items individually constructed by me using a licensed fabric, and it is not an item from that team/company. They are handmade in very limited quantities (i.e. not mass produced).  According to the “First Sale Doctrine”, after the first sale, the fabric enters the stream of commerce, and the copyright owner's control ends. The first sale occurs when the copyright owner licenses or sells its copyright to the fabric manufacturer. Crazy Caps is not affiliated with or sponsored by any company, team , or manufacturer of this or any other licensed fabric. All fabric has been legally purchased from a retailer as a craft supply. 

Thank you for shopping in our store, and we hope you enjoy your purchase.